Oslo is like a dream of a schizophreniac. Or something extremely oxymoronic like Jekyll&Hyde. Perfectly calm during the day, with ideal families strolling and children playing on the lawns, the inhabitants very polite and kind for each other. It reminds me an 50′ american dream poster with everything under control. Under that – a purulent ulcer of the excluded- people without future and just too much past. They crawl their nests late into the afternoon. They manifest themselves as ragged homeless junkies, raging through the dimmed streets looking for a fix, poor old drunkards, Gypsies with . People of every age, with destroyed livers, damaged brains and no purpose whatsoever. Maybe i am too sensitive. I think not though, it should be normal for general human population to have some compassion. The thing is- i am one of them, the excluded, the people not needed by the system to operate normally. The gap doesn’t interest anybody with a job and money (or indebted, which is more likely – at least the people of the streets don’t have to worry about paying up the debts, shiiit). I mean- it looks a lot like the system is inhumane, or outlandish for the earth, since the gap widens, and the poor are poorer when the rich get richer. Nobody offered me marihuana on the street of Poland. Here drug dealers just swarm me and offer me whatever I like. Come on, Oslo, heroine? I don’t need no stinking heroine. I saw them- the hollow-eyed guys laying by the walls. Zombieland. Signe said I am rude to say bad things about Norway, but this is it. This is how the situation looks for the foreigner, people. Sadly, it is just her and her comfort zone. The “Haves” don’t see any problems if they never were closer to the “Have-nots”. There’s a popular polish saying, which can be translated into “a man full of food can never understand a hungry man.” All this is pretty weird. Maybe they are lazy? Why am i continuing with my dreams, i can end up like them when something in me will break during the hardships. I don’t like drugs did I mention? They can wipe out your brains. I’ve tried some of the recreational drugs, but the natural ones. I don’t drink. Usually. But enough about me. Something about the stasis I got into.

After the Rent&Tent job I’ve needed some rest. I mean – it is all just fun and games till you have dry socks, some warm place to rest your head after the work. I’ve been sleeping in the goddamn tent, while working for Jens. He was humane to me. I want to thank him here (and all the good people who are helping me with my epochal project) and wish him all the best with the business. I still got to prove to him that employing a person back in Poland is affordable in my current situation. So I’ve got back to Oslo to search for new possibilities and sleep in eight-person hostel room (240NOK~ something like 40euro/120PLN). I am running out of money now and I am starting to feel boxed in. There is nothing except work in Norway for polish migrant. Or a refugee? Or whatever. We escape the poorer areas of Europe to get money, finding the improvised conditions of living unhabitable. I’ve heard about a girl who used to sleep on paper cartons and eat only tesco junk food in Great Britain to get the big numbers fast. Money, money, money. Everything revolves around the golden calf. What’s with the prostitution and the sponsors for young girls in need of pointless education tuition cash? What’s with that, central planners?

I think the problem can be so simple. Look at them. The central planners, the politicians regulate almost every aspect of our life with the law. Yup. The law and the money flow. It is so complicated I just think my head will blow up sum day. Cut the education for the people, boost funds for the police! Brilliant!f

I don’t think that the people which opted out the rat race are guilty of something. I see huge systemic failure right here. But I will elaborate further on it some other time.

Because I am in need of a fistfull of NOKoronen, to live through the coming days. Also – i need to pay the hard cash to my sidekick back in Poland, who is writing this very text. Yep. She is working as a volunteer right now, just to help me, but she also has bills to pay. I need some funds to continue my great job from this capitalist paradise, cause it is indeed- a paradise for people with money, and a hell for poor bastards like me. I mean- look at this place- maybe they start taxing people for breathing or whatever.

I’ve met a guy named Marcus. He inspired me to re-think my business model. It isn’t a bussiness model in the first place. Unimportant- the thing is Marcus is the owner of some luxury cigarettes shop and he distributted leaflets about the shop all by himself. He told me that he is a tiger-type hunter- he got only few leaflets because he knows what kinds of people are interested in his offer and this (the leaflets) is the most important job in the business. So be it, the advertisement as the leverage of your trade.

I don’t avoid hard work. For me the work of my life is to stay alive. It would be a perfect achievment from a member of precaryat. Yes, go and google it up, friend. Look what is that sil vous plait. A new class in the place of the good ol’ middle class. We all shoudlve realised our american/european/polish/norwegian dream already, huh?

I therefore plead to Universe to put me on the proper position. My position is not in a tent. I don’t want to feel all the shades of fear, don’t want to be hungry or wet or dead. Also: I could use some prepaid phone top-up and some money.

When I need bananas, Universe gives me bananas. If I need a proverbial fishing rod, I get it also. I am thankful, dear Universe.

One more thing: I am sure this will work, because it makes sense.

It all makes sense, what do you think, dear Universe?

Pawel’s unpaid assistant



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