In brief

i am an adventurer from Poland, who’s dream is to get some money, which i need to free myself from the shackles of modern slavery. Yes, thats true; i am a slave to the system which feeds on the faith of so-called normal people. I am a traveler, filmmaker, a poet, journalist and to put it simply- I am an artist of life. Every day that i get through is an masterpiece. Very often i find myself drowning in shit and fecies of reality. I get in trouble, rarely by my own fault, rather with help of helpful dickheads. A friend told me once i am very naivee. I used to suffer a lot, emotionaly and my nervous system got heavy damage from harsh polish realities. Let’s face it- it is impossible to be left alone, to just be; without serious capital or constant working. Who wants to do stupid jobs for richer people? I am supposed to work my ass off till i drop out and i’ll be calm in a fucking coffin. There is no possibility to thrive doing something you like to do. You got to give something up. Be a maggot. Fuck, eventually every one of my friends ends up working in a stressful and pointless way or living with them parents. I have a couple of ‘weird’ (for general population) friends, the vagabonds, wanderers, artist, musicians. The percentage of people being alive is dramatic though. The system kills the poor bastards who want to live their lives. You can either conform or slowly .
What the shit?!

Kambo vaccination

Before my escape from Poland (there should be a movie with this title, it is very catchy) I’ve decided to vaccinate myself, because I knew my plan could be hard to complete without a great deal of luck. I tried the Kambô (made from a poisonous frog) vaccination. Earlier I thought that my aim is to achieve safety and zone of comfort (after all I like to be comfortable) with the money I would have earned in Norway. In the course of events I finally understood, that the real goal is to find the peace of mind and maybe the idea about getting the loads of NOK money is only an obstacle. The “vaccine” is an application of very strong poison. Suddenly you are starting to feel very bad. Your whole body tries to defend itself, it wants to live- with you or not aboard… The reaction is very fast and soon you are vomiting, sweating and shitting at the same time. I’ve heard that CEO’s of big corporations are heading to South America to make themselves  fearless. After this you should not be afraid of the worst. At length you are coming back to your senses. Stronger, more enduring. Fearless. I’ve got my vaccination in Czech Republic.
I belive that all further hard experiences wich Im passing thru are just another Kambo vaccination for me, to make me stronger and stronger.

Last days in Oslo

After Signe threw me out of her apartment and accused me of theft, i had a hard times down in good ol’ Oslo. Between you and me- maybe it is easy to live up in Hardanger with help from my friends, different situation found me in the capital of Norway. There’s a lot of people living off the richer ones, Gypsies, beggars, street musicians, garbage collectors. I’ve began to ask people in the suits. They are supposed to be rich as hell, seeing all this fucking unnecessary ultra expensive shit they are buying. Nobody would help me. I was asking for something to eat, anything really. They weren’t interested, or just ignored me. Sometimes they’ve said something. “Get your shit together”. “It is your fault you’ve ended up in such a mess…”, “You must be from eastern Europe” etc. Slaves. They aint more alive than a fucking robot. They are the real slaves, addicted to this shit and to this combustion civilisation. The people of the lie. Anyways, got no problem with smoking, since I could easily find something on the ground. I don’t drink so it isn’t a problem. When I saw two guys dressed in expensive suits standing by impressive cars I’ve asked for help. They said they are just regular slaves-   chauffeurs of some shitheaded prince or whatever. They were more humane to me.

I’ve met a famous artist – Pushwagner. It looks like every country should have a person who behaves oddly and can make some money off that. La boheme, blah blah. I just want to eat. I could make thousands of these kind of pictures, I used to paint also. Yes! But I needed the food to survive. The paintings of Pushwagen are mostly about conformity. I think they are wack. Pushwagner is an rockstar here. Of course he didn’t give me anything, he just told me to see his paintings. Whatever.

I’ve also found some famous actor. He told me about his life for thirty minutes, which I politely listened to, while being hungry and tired. Wet and frustrated. I felt pretty sick and sad. After the inspirational story he left.

I tried the homeless shelter. It costs you 15 NOK. You can easily make it with returnable bottles. Every evening there is a lottery. The winner gets an opportunity to sleep under the roof. The losers got to go wherever. I didn’t make it on time for the lottery.

Unless Card 100 NOK
Unless Card 100 NOK (2015)

I tried to sell some Useless Cards on the street  for 100 NOK each after I noticed that Norwegian like to spend money for nothing. With a little chat with potential clients- i’ve sold four of them just in one hour. I really don’t recommend this product but I still got some so You can buy it here if You want to support my °project°.Buy Now Button

I spent that money for a night in a hostel and a pack of cigarette and coke. Couldn’t sleep in a tent anymore. Or the drug addicts- park. A lot of excluded in the capitalist paradise. Junkies. Whores. Street.Ugly, not succesful. This is their fault.

Pushwagen’s art is well connected. Look it up if you want to. I saw the other world- the world of empty suits. For real, these kind of people rule the world right now and believe me- they have an influence on our lives, much much bigger we would think. It is sad, but maybe it will change. Someday I could have my peace within without working for 16hours daily. Like a polite slave.

After the night in the hostel I was broke again. I had some Useless Cards wiich I could easly sell  on the streats of Oslo and maby become milionaire on that business very fast…. But I was not in the mood for to do that. I was in the mood to escape from Norway like I escaped from Poland before.

So I went for the road, again.I was going to hitch-hike to France. I’ve caught the ride with Mike and his girlfriend, Ana. They’ve helped me a lot. Seriously.

Mike is the author of a good fantasy-adventure book. The Guardian – Blood in the Sand (M.J. Kobernus). He is also a dedicated Starcraft 2 player. Top500.
Moreover,  It turned out that I was going in the wrong direction. After hearing my story, they’ve let me sleep at their place, gave pizza and my beloved coca-cola.. They ve bought me a ticket and Mike gave me a lift the aiport at 4am next day. Wow, really- Its hard to express by words how thankfull Im for those amazing people. It is hard even for my clever  unpaid assistance who writes  this blog post insted of me, while Im picking grapes in France.

Pawel’s unpaid assistant

4 thoughts on “ESCAPE FROM NORWAY

  1. Man you should bring more peoples from other country like more Muslim and then you can be very lucky they dont want work and lazy peoples living just for social only money ,,,, so you must to help protect peoples form Europe special White !!!! and more help them !!! i want hearing on the forward this king of rules in Norway if they dont change any other smart rules after few yeras Norway will be other Syria muslims territories without white peoples like good workers From Polen ,Czech Geremany


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